Google seems to want to add health features to Wear OS

It seems that Google has plans to add more health measurement options to its Wear OS. The company has prepared a questionnaire to ask people what functionality they would like to see.

This is reported by the Droid Life website, which states that Google has compiled a questionnaire through its User Experience Research program. The survey asks a number of questions about Wear OS, which includes functionality such as measuring oxygen saturation in the blood, sleep analysis, detection of apnea, and keeping track of the heart rhythm whereby an alarm is sent if abnormalities are detected .

Google is also thinking of links to medical devices, or connecting to fitness equipment in the gym. Whether such functionality is added is, by the way, to be seen: it is likely that Google will set certain priorities based on the research results.

The plans for health features may fit in with the future smartwatches that Google wants to release. The company took over Fitbit, maker of smart watches, last year. Google is so likely to compete with Apple, which has already built in several health tracking features with its Watch series.