Google releases Chrome OS 80 with less noticeable notification blockade

Google has released version 80 of Chrome OS. Among other things, the update adds a picture-in-picture mode for Netflix. The company also adds some adjustments to the Linux functionality of the operating system.

Google has, among other things, added picture-in-picture support to the Netflix app. This allows users to view Netflix and use other applications in the meantime. The Galaxy Chromebook from Samsung also receives support for Ambient EQ, a function that automatically adjusts the white balance and color temperature of a screen based on the physical environment. The device does this by means of a few sensors. The most recent smartphones from Google, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, already support this function. “In the future” other Chromebooks will also receive support for this function.

In addition, the company is adding some Linux functionality changes to its operating system, Chrome Unboxed writes . New Linux users get a container with Debian 10 from Chrome OS 80. Previously, users were given an environment with Debian 9. Current Linux users on Chrome OS will also receive an upgrade ‘in the future’. Users who want direct access to Debian 10 can remove their current Linux environment and set up a new container.

The new version of Google’s operating system also includes version 80 of the Chrome web browser. Among other things, this adds a new notification system. With earlier versions of Chrome, users were shown a pop-up when a website wanted to send notifications. This has been exchanged in Chrome 80 for a ‘silent’ notification system with a small notification in the address bar. The feature is automatically enabled for users who often block notifications from websites. Users can also enable the feature manually, 9to5Google writes . The web browser also gets an improved interface for tablets. This makes tabs more useful for Chrome OS devices in tablet mode, writes Android Police .