Google Pixel gets one final update in December, no more update

Google Pixel and Pixel XL will check the company in December, on the eve of “last software update”. As of yesterday, we released the November security update on most Pixel phones, but we didn’t announce an update for the Pixel or Pixel XL, so it looks like the original Pixel was updated.

Google told Verge that the pixel would not receive the November update, but December said it “encapsulates a variety of updates” in the November and December updates released for other pixels.

It’s no surprise that Google’s original pixels weren’t updated yesterday. When Google announced the phone in 2016, the company said it would receive a two-year guaranteed Android version update and a three-year security update. This is also reflected in Google’s support page.

But earlier this year, Google was surprised by letting pixel owners run Android 10, an Android one year longer than Google originally promised, and now they have one final update to look forward to.