Google PIXEL 4 face recognition has significant flaws

The Google Pixel 4 smartphone is now officially released, and one feature that has been known in advance is the presence of Soli sensors and a complete facial recognition system, which the company announced a few months before its release.

It is worth mentioning that the new smartphone does not have a fingerprint reader. Everything about Pixel 4 is based on this facial recognition. However, as discovered, the facial recognition system is not as reliable as it should be.

Facial recognition works very well, even at complex angles or in the dark, but works when you close your eyes. So anyone can enjoy your sleep at night, unlock your smartphone and control without your knowledge. A smart child might do something that parents don’t want him to do.

Pixel 4 relies on face recognition. It is a shame to discover the existence of such a simple flaw, especially since most other systems on the market do not have this problem. For example, Apple will ask you to unlock the device by default. To overcome this problem, Google pointed out the existence of the lock mode. This feature is enabled in the settings to disable face recognition and enhance the secure use of the PIN code.

This is the opposite of the importance and interest of biometrics on smartphones. So I hope that Google can update the phone to make it more secure.

Google said that facial unlocking will not be deceived by photos or masks. Over time, they will continue to improve facial unlocking.