Google Photos vulnerability could allow iPhone to store unlimited photos, as opposed to Pixel 4.

Previously, there has been a bit of insults from Pixel 4 fans, as they are no longer entitled to upload photos to Google Photos (Original Quality).

However, it has been discovered that the iOS side has some loopholes that allow users to upload images uncompressed because modern iPhone saves image files in HEIC format which is much smaller than JPEG, making it even Upload up to High Quality (compressed). The system will try to convert back to JPEG, but once converted, the image becomes larger. Misuse of work objectives Keeping it intact File does not change, even if uploaded to High Quality.Android 10, the latest version of Google’s operating system, also supports saving images and videos like HEIC / HEIF, which means that Google will likely improve its storage on Google Photos soon.While the Google Pixel 4 uploads images and then compresses the rival’s iOS, it uploads the full archive of the images. This drama says that there will definitely be an update.

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