Google opens the real Fuchsia website and also provides developer information only.

Google has revealed more information about Fuchsia OS . Recently, the was launched as a source of information for developers on this new operating system.

Fuchsia is estimated to be a new operating system that will replace Android and Chrome OS in the future. It doesn’t use Linux Kernel like the older versions, but instead uses Zircon microkernel. Of course, the functionality will be different from Android. But the good news is that this platform will use the Flutter SDK to develop, making moving apps from Android to Fuchsia in the future is not too poor.

This event, Google no longer thinks of hiding or concealing Fuchsia OS, but that doesn’t mean that the day we will switch to Fuchsia instead of Android is already approaching. Because the development process of this new operating system is still far more ready to be ready for initial use for mobile phones worldwide Even more, including supporting all current apps on Android, is not easy.