Google Keep is given the opportunity to make drawings on a lockscreen

Google seems to be working on a new version of the Keep software, where it should be possible to make drawings from the lockscreen. It is therefore not necessary to first unlock the smartphone.

The new functionality has not yet been announced by Google itself, but instructions for making drawings from the lockscreen appeared in a new version of the application for Android. This is reported by XDA Developers, which searches the apk installation file. There are a number of code strings that belong to the new functionality, which was discovered in version 5.20 of the app. For example, there is a string with the text “Create drawings while your device is locked”.

XDA Developers also found code that refers to two new layouts. However, there are no images of the interface for creating drawings in Keep from the lock screen. It is already possible to do this in the version of Keep in Chrome OS. The introduction for Android is therefore not entirely a surprise.

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