Google is filing a trademark for an OS called “Pigweed”

Google has registered a very mysterious trademark for an operating system. A project linked to Fuchsia ?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has received a trademark registration request from Google. According to the document, the Mountain View company sent this request on January 31, 2020 for an operating system whose name is “Pigweed”.

A clue to Fuchsia’s development?

No more details on this yet. The term “Pigweed” refers to weeds or plants that can be used in the manufacture of pet food. The name does not help us much to understand where Google wants to go with this OS.

Inevitably, when we associate “Google” and “new OS”, we immediately think of the Fuchsia project . The connection is all the easier since Fuchsia is also a plant, like the “Pigweeds”.

As a reminder, Fuchsia must be the new universal operating system from Google, which would adapt to all media (PC, smartphone, smartwatch, auto …) and which would eventually replace existing solutions (Android, Chrome OS, Wear OS …). If Google has been discreet on the subject, we know that Huawei is also working on such an operating system: it is HarmonyOS , already officially presented by the Chinese group.

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