Google is allowed to purchase land to build a super park

According to foreign media reports, a new city document shows that Google can invest up to 110 million US dollars in a large piece of land in San Jose without subsidies to build a super park in Google. The plan shows that the park covers approximately 21 acres of land, some of which is owned by the San Jose reconstruction agency and the rest by San Jose.

San Jose Mayor SamLiccardo said in a statement, “Google will pay the full cost, including land, taxes, and community benefits, such as affordable housing. It’s a clear distinction from other cities that save billions of dollars in local taxes to attract large companies. In contrast, we did not provide subsidies for Google, and Google did not ask for it.”

The city’s statement is like a dark Amazon, and they spent more than a year selecting the second headquarters site and demanding land grants from multiple cities. Until the beginning of this month, Amazon announced that the second headquarters will be located in Arlington County, Virginia and Queens, New York. Amazon expects to receive more than $2.2 billion in tax incentives and incentives from local governments, and will also build a work center in Nashville, Tennessee, and plans to apply for more government incentives.

The San Jose City Council will vote on December 4 to sell the land to Google. Google has said that this versatile super park will accommodate 15,000 to 20,000 employees, including offices, retail stores and tens of thousands of homes.