Google Images on desktop gets icons with info about sites behind images

Google Images on the desktop shows icons next to the images later this week. These icons indicate whether the underlying pages sell products, show recipes or contain video content. The current display of the resolution in the thumbnails disappears.

Google Search employee Danny Sullivan reports on Twitter that the new icons will be available later this week. For the time being, the icons appear to be limited to the three categories mentioned. The icons are a knife and fork, a label that must represent a price tag and a play symbol for starting a video. When users scroll over these icons, the text ‘recipe’, ‘product’ or the length of the video becomes visible.

Google plus
Google plus

The new icons will be visible in the lower left corner of the thumbnail images found with Google Image Search . That is the place where the resolution of the image is still displayed when a user scrolls the cursor over it. This resolution view is deleted there ; the resolution of the images can still be found, but this requires more steps. Users must first select a thumbnail and then move the cursor over the image in the information view.

Previously, Google also let it be known in Google Images to add icons about license information of the images shown. This addition and the associated license information is not yet live , but will probably be introduced in the near future, because Google is calling on creators to add metadata and make the images findable for Google.

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