The first Google Pixel that originally received only Android 9 Pie updates, but Google released the update until Android 10 is considered to exceed the expectations of users greatly.

But the party would have a breakup. Google stated in the first place that the first Google Pixel will receive a security patch update for three years. Which will end by the end of this year 2019, and last November did not receive the November Security Patch update as many people think that it may not get the update

But Google recently said that there will be another update for the Pixel and Pixel XL and the December patch instead. Which began to release some updates on December 3 last

The Pixel and Pixel XL were originally designed and developed by Google but were manufactured by HTC (before Google bought the smartphone development team in the next year). It was a late sale phone. year And using a Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM today, it’s considered a slower specification, even compared to mid-level Chinese phones that usually have 8GB RAM or some models designed for gaming. (And for just half the price of Pixel 4), it has up to 12GB of RAM.

Just receiving constant updates over the past three years, it can be said that the Pixel and Pixel XL are really worth the price. Although at first people were criticized as more expensive than the Nexus in the past.