Google gives Gmail simplified search options in email

Google will make it easier for Gmail users to search through their email. That goes with so-called “search chips”, with which search results can be refined without having to enter complex searches.

The change is announced on the G Suite website, and should be available to all Gmail users immediately. However, it may take up to fifteen days for the new search functionality to reach everyone, because a phased rollout has been chosen.

With the new search chips, users can enter a search query and further refine it. This is possible because after the search, buttons appear that show additional options. For example, it is possible to search for a contact, and then refine the search results by choosing the chip that indicates that there must be certain attachments in the emails. Certain e-mails can also be actively excluded, such as calendar appointments.

According to Google, the chips should make it easier to refine search queries without having to enter complex queries, for example requiring and and or operators. According to the internet giant, that would not be very intuitive