In October of this year, Google announced that it would officially shut down its social platform, Google+, in August 2019, because they found a long-term system vulnerability that would cause users to leak out. The number of affected users reached 50. More than 10,000. Not long ago, Google further announced that Google+ will be closed in advance, because Google has once again discovered a new vulnerability, affecting 52.5 million users.

A new wave of vulnerabilities appeared between November 7 and 13, and Google has processed it after discovery, but this vulnerability could allow other developers to obtain personal information including users such as name, e-mail, occupation, and age.

Although Google said that it has not found that someone has obtained the user’s personal data, and there is no evidence that any software developer has found a vulnerability to obtain or use the user’s profile, Google decided to turn off Google+’s in August 2019 but now they decided to close the Google+ in April 2019,