New ways to reduce the distractions on smartphones are being deployed on Android 9 and 10 devices.
In May, at Google I / O, we introduced a new feature to our digital wellness app. In the testing phase for months, focus mode (painless mode in French) has been released as a stable version on devices running Android 9 and 10.

Disconnect Help Similar to the Screen Time feature that Apple launched on the iPhone using iOS 12, the Google Digital Wellness app helps you recognize the amount of time it takes to use this device, although it uses fewer smartphones. I hope You can check the time spent in each application, the number of times you unlock your smartphone or the number of notifications.

To date, to limit the impact that smartphone use can have on health, Digital Well-being has suggested configuring timers to limit the usage time of the most time-consuming applications.

Distraction Sources Limited The
new version app opens the way without distractions assuming you have concentrated help. To use it, you must first select an application that represents a strong cause of distraction. Once the focus mode is activated, the icon selection app will no longer receive notifications, inaccessible spending in grey.

However, you can take a break for 5, 15 or 30 minutes to temporarily disable this blocking. This new feature can be activated directly from Notification Center, but can also be activated automatically during certain time slots. Focus mode, which is directly integrated into the Digital Welfare and Parental Control menu, is distributed to all devices running Android 9 and Android 10.