Google released the Night Sight feature in November and pushed it to all Pixel phones. At the Pixel 3 conference, they used the photos they took to compare with the iPhone XS. And now the company is promoting its outstanding performance in the night scene through new advertising campaigns.

Google’s vice president of product marketing shared a picture last night that was a side-by-side comparison of photos from the same scene. On the right is Pixel 3 and on the left is “Phone X”.

The bottom edge indicates that the image on the left was taken with the iPhone XS. Google’s picture clearly shows the neon green theme, and the photo taken by her face on the iPhone is blurred. In Night Sight mode, the dark sky is bright, grey, and white clouds can be seen.

Google launched the Night Sight feature in November with a powerful night shot.

According to Google’s official introduction, this feature is not only suitable for night shooting scenes, but also comes in handy during the day. If users use the Night Sight function during the day and keep the phone stable, you can get the denoising and resolution improvement similar to Super Res Zoom.

Google also said that the Night Sight feature captures less light and minimizes blurring caused by motion when dealing with movements or scenes with significant motion.