Google company value reached a trillion US dollars in the end

Alphabet, Google ‘s parent company , just set up in 2015, eventually surpassed one trillion US dollars. After competitors like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft have reached the trillion ceiling in the past.

Last Thursday (US local time) Google shares (Alphabet) up to $ 1,451.70 US dollars when the market closed. When calculated from all shares, the company will be worth more than one trillion US dollars. Became the latest IT company that has touched the said value.

The push for higher Google shares was due to Larry Page and Segrey Brin’s departure from management and Sundar Pichai took control of the company. And should allow other subsidiary companies in Alphabet to make profits after losing all the time

Alphabet and Google ‘s main revenue comes mainly from the sale of advertisements on the internet. As for the Cloud service, it is expected that it will begin to move in to recover and get more customers. Currently, it remains the third place behind Microsoft and Amazon.