Google Chrome official update reduces CPU usage by up to 5 times

Chrome, which has a high share of browser market share, revealed that the performance improvement was achieved through the official update of 87.0.4280 this time.

As for the contents improved through the update, the CPU usage was reduced by prioritizing the activated tab, and the update succeeded in reducing up to 5 times, and he mentioned that the battery life can be extended by up to 1.25 hours.

In addition, it is revealed that the Chrome startup starts 25% faster and loads up to 7% faster when loading pages, improving the working environment using RAM with less power than before.

Through the update, PC Chrome can enjoy a faster Chrome environment than the previous version, and even for the mobile Android version, a faster working environment can be possible.

For more detailed update information, you can check the official Google blog, and for PC Chrome update, you can apply the latest update through Chrome-Settings-Chrome Information.