According to reports, Google Chrome can change the color of the browser interface not long ago. Now Chromium Team has added a feature that can uninstall the theme installed in the Chrome browser from the Colors menu of the New Tab Page.

Previously, if users installed themes in the Chrome browser from the Web Store, they would need to go to Settings->Appearance and click the “Reset to Default” button to uninstall, and the Chrome Canary version is already available from the “Colors” menu in the New Tab Page. Uninstall the theme.Users can find this feature in the latest Canary 77, but need to use the following two flags in the chrome://flags page:

Chrome colors menu

NTP Customization menu version 2

In addition, Chrome added a reader mode button to the address bar, and updated the latest version of Chrome Canary by adding an always visible button in the address bar to launch the reader mode of the page in the browser.

Unlike before, the introduction of the reader mode in the desktop version of Chrome has never been seen, considering that the reader mode can strip all ads from the page to make it reader-friendly.

To trigger the reader mode of the page in the Chrome browser, you need to click on the Chrome menu and select the “Toggle distilled page contents” option.

Unlike the Edge and Firefox browsers, which only display the ReaderView icon when it detects readable content on the page, Chrome will always display the Reader mode button in the address bar, even on the new tab page.

It is expected that future updates to Canary will provide control in reader mode to adjust the font size and change the page background to light, dark or dark blue.