Google announces next-generation RCS feature for SMS and MMS

Rivh Communication Services (RCS) is a next-generation technology designated as the next technical specification of Short Messge Service (SMS) and Mulitimedia Messge Service (MMS). When the RCS function is introduced, the message app can send and receive messages like chat windows like other messenger apps, and can send high resolution images and videos for free.In addition, in SMS, it is difficult to check whether the message is sent from an official company, which may cause damage such as phishing. When RCS is applied, the message sent from the official company is automatically displayed with the name of the company, which reduces the phishing-related damage.This RCS technology was officially launched by introducing the feature into Google messages that Google can use for free on its Android OS-based smartphone. With the introduction of the technology, you can also use group chat rooms that invite conversations and multiple image files through the messaging app without a separate messenger app.

Samsung, which felt the need for RCS technology in Korea, announced that it will support RCS in the messaging app that is built into its smartphones in the future by collaborating with Google. It is launching to support the technology.

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