This is the big day! This January 14, 2020, marks the end of support for Windows 7 by Microsoft.

Windows 7 RIP

As of today, the American giant will no longer bring free updates to its Windows 7 operating system, launched, as everyone knows (perhaps), on a rainy morning in October 2009.

According to the NCSC (for ”  National Cyber Security Center  “), it is strongly recommended to migrate earlier to a newer OS, in order to continue to enjoy the updates coming and therefore a secure web browsing between other. Note that Windows 8.1 will continue to benefit from Microsoft updates until 2023.

According to Microsoft, this end of support for Windows 7 is an opportunity for users, not to simply migrate to Windows 10, but to buy a product from the new Surface range. ”  With the transition to Surface and Microsoft 365, the security of your corporate devices will be integrated and your business will be ready for the future,  ” explains the American giant.