Go language is the most popular, everyone wants to have less meetings: HackerEarth 2020 developer survey results announced

HackerEarth released the 2020 developer survey report, with more than 16,000 developers from 76 countries / regions participating.

The survey shows that Go is the most popular programming language this year . Whether it is a student (29%) or a professional (32%), the Go language is ranked first in the “most wanted language”. The languages most interviewed students want to learn are JavaScript and Kotlin, and professionals choose Python and Kotlin as their next choices.

In terms of the areas of most interest, data science is uncompromising, and is far ahead with nearly double the data of the second place. The fields of cyber security and the Internet of Things are the second and third places of interest, respectively. Blockchain, game development, robotics, etc. also have their place.

Although many people are interested in data science, there are not many experienced developers. Among developers with experience in data science, novices with only 1-3 years of experience account for the majority.

Respondents with the full stack and back-end experience are the most (over 35%), followed by the front-end, but the proportion is much lower (less than 10%).

In the past two years, machine learning has attracted a lot of attention, and talents are also quite scarce. The percentage of experience in this field is the lowest.

Whether students or professionals, in this era, they are more likely to learn technology through web coding platforms, video tutorials and web courses. By comparison, the physical instruction books have been left behind.

When making career choices, students pay more attention to career development path, technical challenges, company’s financial stability and corporate culture, and then salary. Professionals who already have work experience put the technical challenges, salary and career development path in the top three, and the requirements for remote office are higher than students.

More than remote work, the interviewees hope that interviews will be conducted online , either real-time video or online coding, in short, remote online.

As for how to improve work efficiency? 70% of the developers hope to have less meetings, 61% of the respondents want to have multiple monitors, a more free working atmosphere and space, unlimited coffee and food supply are also everyone’s expectations.