Gmail launches new features Email can now be attached as an email attachment.

Discover the latest Gmail features at the end of the year. Considered as an interesting feature And sounds strange, which means that users can attach various emails while sending mail. Without having to download first Just drag and drop the email. Whether 1 email or multiple emails Into the email compose window. That’s fine. Alternatively, you can choose 1 or multiple emails from the conversation view. Then click on the icon The three dots in the upper right corner choose “forward as attachment”

Even though it sounds strange But there are some situations where attaching another email to our email Is what we want to use Rather than sitting and sending each email separately, like wanting to forward a lot of relevant messages at once If using email attachments The conversation view will remain. Makes it easier for others to understand than forwarding each mail one by one

Sending attached mail also helps you write a summary message to the recipients. Allow the recipient to be ready before reading the attached email Opening attachments must be opened directly. The attached mail will become a .eml file which can attach as much as needed. When clicking on the attached file This will open a new window. This feature will be available from today until January 21.

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