Ghost Runner, developed by 505 Games and Polish developer ONE MORE LEVEL UP, is a first-person slash game, with over 600,000 copies sold and a successful launch.

It also announced that a new sequel is currently in production.

The sequel, expected to be Ghost Runner 2, will be provided with twice the budget of the first episode, so unlike the first episode, which had a somewhat indie game feel, it is expected that a game of improved quality will be provided in earnest.

Ghost Runner 1 is a first-person parkour action game. It was a very high-difficulty game that applied very fast speed, smooth parkour motion, and a one-hit kill system. It has established itself as a franchise.

On the other hand, the release of the two has not been decided yet, but it is known that it is aiming for release this year, and it is confirmed as a complete next-generation console target game, so it is expected to be released as PC, PS5, and XBOX series X/S.