Galaxy S20 and Ultra Note 10 Plus Night Vision ToF Viewer App.

The’Night Vision / ToF Viewer’ application, which can utilize the Samsung Electronics flagship smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 10 Plus as night vision glasses, has been registered on Google Play.

The Ultra model of the Galaxy S20 series is equipped with a ToF (flight time distance measurement) lens that can recognize objects in 3D. ToF is a technology that calculates the distance by measuring the time when the light source sent to the subject is reflected and returns. When combined with a camera, objects can be expressed in three dimensions.

In particular, it is known that the process of recognizing objects in 3D is simple and does not receive external light interference, so the recognition rate is excellent even in the open air, which is advantageous for realizing AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). In addition, if you install the’Night Vision ToF Viewer’, it can also be used as a night vision tube that can scan a dark room at night using a ToF sensor and output a heat map at a low resolution.

‘Night Vision ToF Viewer’ currently supports some smartphones such as ▲ Huawei P30 Pro ▲ Honor View 20 ▲ Galaxy Note 10 Plus ▲ Galaxy S10 5G ▲ Galaxy S20 Plus ▲ Galaxy S20 Ultra ▲ LG V60, and you can visit here (Link) Can. However, a bug may occur when using the app under development.