Samsung Electronics started developing firmware for Galaxy S11e (model number G980F) ▲ Galaxy S11 (model number G985F) that supports 4G LTE, according to the Dutch IT media Galaxy Club on the 21st (local time).

Samsung Electronics has been developing software for 5G models such as the Galaxy S11e (model number G981B), the Galaxy S11 (model number G986B), and the Galaxy S11 Plus (model number G988B).

However, the media confirmed that they are developing software for the 5G model as well as the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11 4G models that will be released in the European market including the Netherlands and Belgium.

It is not yet known whether the Galaxy S11 Plus will release 4G models. In Europe, both 4G and 5G models are expected to be released, but in Korea, just like the Galaxy Note 10 series, only 5G models are expected to be released.