Galaxy S10 Series 2nd Update… New Galaxy Note 10 features

Samsung Electronics has started to distribute the 2nd update of Galaxy S10e ▲ Galaxy S10 ▲ Galaxy S10 Plus ▲ Galaxy S10 5G with new Galaxy Note 10 features.

According to the news, Samsung Electronics is in the process of completing the second update following the Galaxy S10 software update conducted in September. The second update includes many new features, including intelligent Wi-Fi, professional cameras and smart multimedia.

The updated Galaxy S10 provides keyword search in the Gallery app to help users quickly find the images they want. Users can easily find the photos they want through the tags specified by the user or the tags automatically registered by the photo analysis.

It also offers a new ‘Auto Hotspot’ feature that transforms the Galaxy S10 into a Wi-Fi hub. If you are using the same Samsung account as the Galaxy S10 on any device, such as a laptop / tablet PC, you can share your Galaxy S10 data together and enable ‘family sharing’ to share your Internet connection with members registered as family members on your Samsung account. . Hotspot Live can connect directly without having to register a password.

Updates are distributed sequentially, and the timing of distribution may vary depending on the country, region, or carrier.