Galaxy Note 9 ‘One UI 2.1’ updated. Firmware first captured

 Sam Mobile, reported that Samsung Electronics discovered a version of the One UI 2.1 firmware for the Galaxy Note 9 that is being tested in Europe and Korea.

The firmware version of the One UI 2.1 for Galaxy Note 9 is ▲ N960NKSU3ETD1 ▲ N960FXXU5ETD5. Currently, the firmware version of the Galaxy Note 9 European model is ▲ N960FXXU5DTCA, and the next update under test is expected to be N960FXXU5ETD5.

“The change of the firmware version of the alphabet D to E is a sign of a major update,” said Sam Mobile. “The new Android OS version always uses the new alphabet, so it will be an update that includes important features such as the latest One UI version.” .

The firmware for the Galaxy S9 has not been found, but it is expected that information will be delivered soon as officials from Samsung Electronics confirmed that they are developing one UI 2.1 firmware for the ▲ Galaxy S9 Series ▲ Galaxy Note 9 Series.

Meanwhile, the one UI 2.1 version that Samsung Electronics introduced on the ▲ Galaxy S20 ▲ Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with various new features such as ▲ Quick Share ▲ Pro Mode for Video ▲ Single Take ▲ Improved Night Mode ▲ Night Hyperlapse ▲ Clean View ▲ Quick Drop. It contains.

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