Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, 50x zoom reason is sensor downgrade

It was confirmed that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is equipped with a 50x zoom.

As reported by GSM Arena, the telephoto camera of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is different from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which is caused by sensor differences, not optical modules.

This is because the Samsung S20 Ultra is equipped with a 12MP 1/3.6 inch sensor, which is smaller in size and has fewer pixels, instead of the 48MP 1/2.0 inch sensor installed in the Galaxy S20.

The reason for replacing the sensor has not been confirmed exactly, but the optical module will remain the same, so there will be no significant difference in the image quality at low magnification. The pixel size of the sensor is also 1.0 um, which is larger than before, so it is expected that the difference in image quality will not be large in daytime or outdoor activities where light is secured.