ios 14

Full copy of iOS 14 is already circulating among hackers and researchers

A copy of iOS 14 has been leaked. Several security researchers and hackers have had access to the operating system since at least February, Motherboard writes. There are no new details about the OS, beyond what was previously leaked.

Motherboard writes that a full copy of the operating system has been circulating among hackers and security researchers for weeks and possibly even months. It’s not sure where that copy comes from, but several sources from Motherboard say it comes from an iPhone 11 developer model allegedly purchased in China. There, the OS would have been taken off the device one-on-one and distributed in limited circles.

ios 14That would have happened in December of last year, the site writes. Motherboard couldn’t verify that, but one of the copies has been circulating since February anyway. iOS 14 is expected to be officially released in September.

With a copy of iOS in hand, security researchers can look for possible leaks in the system at an early stage. That could theoretically lead to a jailbreak. In many recent versions of iOS, jailbreaks barely occurred, but with the current versions of iOS 13 and recent iPhones, more and more jailbreaks are possible.