Four years after their release, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will no longer be updated

A page turns for the Galaxy S7 and its cousins ​​S7 + and S7 Edge. Four years after their launch, the brand has today removed these models from the list of Samsung smartphones that will receive updates in the future .

The Samsung website dedicated to Android security updates has been updated, and no longer lists the Galaxy S7, S7 +, S7 Edge . Only the Galaxy S7 Active remains supported for possible security updates.

Samsung promises four years of software support on its smartphones

If this news will not fail to sadden the owners of said smartphone, Samsung has kept its promise and fulfills its part of the contract. The South Korean manufacturer guarantees four years of software support on its smartphones. Four years which, in the case of the Galaxy S7, are now past.

But it must be said that the Galaxy S7 no longer receives new versions of Android since 2018. Indeed, only Google and OnePlus update their smartphones to the new major versions of Android for three years. Samsung is limited to two years. This results in less regular updates, intended to fill any security breaches or various malfunctions.

But not all is lost for Galaxy S7 users. If Samsung will no longer deign to keep them up to date in the future, the Android community will do it for it. The XDA forums are full of alternative ROMs and, in particular, versions of LineageOS which can allow you to upgrade your Galaxy S7 to the latest version of Android.

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