Fortnite may finally enter the Play Store after experiencing difficulties And safety on the user side for a full year

Fortnite has been released for Android phones for over a year (first released at the Galaxy Note 9). By installing, users must download the apk and install it from their own webpage.

Aside from installing games like this, it’s not normal. There are still many problems. The first thing is complicated for general users. Go without much IT knowledge. Next up is safety. If anyone secretly puts malware files in the installer, users will never know.

Having users install their own APKs from the webpage is difficult and problematic, but the benefit of Epic is that Google doesn’t lose a 30% share when multiplied by the enormous number of Fortnite players . (Early this year, there are 250 million people playing this game per month). If you have to share it with Google, it should be hundreds of millions of dollars. The use of real money to buy items in the game ranges from skins, characters, weapons to dance moves in the game.

The company analyzes and monitors the market, like Edison Trends, estimates that this year, the second quarter, Fortnite games have reduced revenue by 52% compared to the second quarter last year, but despite the decline, but still is the number one in the game industry. With money spreading over billions of dollars

If Epic Games gives up and puts the game on the Play Store, users can only get Because it can be loaded directly from the Play Store and there is no risk with the internet installer not knowing that through stuffing with strange files Come inside or not, but Epic will have to pay Google 30% every time people buy V-Bucks in the game via real money

Epic hopes that Google will ignore its own games as a special case. And sent the game to the Play Store to make all parties happy with this decision, but Google has made it clear that if Epic actually sends Fortnite up, it will collect 30% anyway anyway, without any special omissions.

Which Google’s answer is understandable because if Epic gets ignored In the future, big games or services will definitely need to ask for omissions as well. (Imagine Netflix asking Google to exclude 30% of this money, so it will be easier to see the picture.)

But over the past year, there have been many vulnerabilities in Fortnite for Android installers . At first, Google discovered that the installation files were vulnerable to MiTD (Man-in- The-Disk) can retrieve the data. And not only Fortnite games, but also the operating system. Checkpoint Security found that the installer structure makes it vulnerable for hackers to steal accounts easily. In the past year, there was a case of support that has been hacked up to 9 million times.

This is probably the question that Epic pays attention to money. Or more secure Although in the past there have been incentives for users to enable greater security. (For example, will receive an in-game reward if using Two-Factor Authentication), but since the majority of gamers are still teenagers and children Causing not thinking about much security

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