Fortnite in 2019 earns less revenue than previous years But still the most in the gaming industry

In the year 2019, Fortnite still stands as one of the top revenue-generating games in the industry. One reason is that we can play games from all platforms, from Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Android or even iOS.

Fortnite, despite being a free game But players can use real money to buy items Or in-game skins. SuperData estimates that Fortnite last year grossed $ 1.8 billion in Epic Less than that of 2018, which grossed $ 2,400 million Despite the decline, it is still the number one in the gaming industry anyway.

Next up was LoL (League of Legends), which earned $ 1.5 billion, Pokemon Go made $ 1,400 million, and Last Shelter: Survival generated $ 1,200 million. Is proof that Free-to-play games still make money if they design the games well enough

The Fortnite game in the past year has been shaking hands with many movie industry. Skins from the characters of John Wick 3, John Wick 3 and Star Wars are getting skins.

This amount of income is only counted as payments made into the game. Not counting the pop cultures that follow Whether it’s shirts, puppets, figures, Halloween costumes, and countless other things that are being bought and resold, Fortnite is truly the winner of the gaming industry in the year 2019.

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