Recently, Forbes and Just Capital announced the list of Companies Doing Right By America .

Specifically, Forbes asked 81,000 Americans to find the public’s criteria for judging the company, and finally found that the company’s most popular practices are as follows:

Average compensation, be kind to customers to protect customer privacy, produce quality products, minimize environmental impact, give back to the community, commit to ethics and diversity, and create rich employment opportunities.

Using these indicators as the scoring standard, Forbes selected the largest 890 companies among the US listed companies for comparison and screening, and finally determined the top 100.

The first one was very surprising. It turned out to be Microsoft. It had the first environmental score, the first worker’s treatment, the fifth customer score, the fifth leading score, the second in the community, and the 100th in the employment. One!

In other words, Forbes believes that Microsoft is the best company in the United States.

Intel ranked second, Google’s parent company Alphabet ranked third, Texas Instruments fourth, IBM fifth, old acquaintance NVIDIA sixth, VMware seventh, P&G eighth, Adobe ninth, Cisco tenth, Apple ranked tenth Six.

The top ten has only one traditional enterprise (P&G), and it can be seen that the public’s recognition of technology companies is still very high.