Do you think the iPhone is a bit faster at closing apps that run in the background recently? Go and update

Apple released iOS 13.2.2, which solved this problem, causing the background app to close unexpectedly. It doesn’t offer any big new features, but I recommend updating multitasking to work as expected.

Also, fix:

iPhone “Temporarily loses cellular service after call” Bug
not able to read certain emails (S / MIME encrypted email)
Problems using Kerberos single sign-on in Safari
While using Lightbike port support Yubikey for two-step authentication The issue I’m trying to charge
This patch has been a few days since Apple released iOS 13.2, as well as providing new emoticons, as well as flipping a switch that allows Deep Fusion image processing on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 13.2 yet, for now … it probably takes too long because there is a disclaimer that iOS 13.3 is already a developer beta.

As usual, the 13.2.2 update can be found in Settings> General> Software Update.