Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) announces a number of new software enhancements to add cutting edge technology to its most popular smart watches, including services for Fitbit Premium members [1] so you can give Important to health and fitness goals throughout the holiday season as well as entering the new year. OS 4.1 program for smart watches released this makes features Regarding sleep and many other uses, it can work on your wrist. The Fitbit Versa 2 TM will show off the display mode all the time. [2] In addition to the enhancements to support Alexa Bill -In [3] with Amazon and the best advanced heart beat algorithm ever. All of this comes with a battery that lasts for more than 6 days for your most effective day (and night) [4] .

Fitbit is also releasing new content and tools. Always out to increase the benefits of Fitbit Premium membership, such as the well-being report developed by consulting medical professionals from various institutions, including the University of California in Los Angeles, University of California in San Francisco. Cisco and in the coming months, Fitbit will launch new programs Challenges and wellness content as well as exercise programs from popular brands. Whether it is the Daily Burn, Down Dog, Kai Am, Pop Sugar or Will to the market.

“Keeping a healthy urge and exercising on a daily schedule during the holidays is really difficult. We therefore aim to make it easier for members to meet their goals by combining tangible equipment with premium software and membership. ” James Park, co-founder and chief executive officer Of Fitbit . “The new Fitbit OS, including service features for various premium members These will help support the use of tools on the smart watch innovation. Exercise programs that are not monotonous, as well as new programs and much more for users to set goals for success to enter the new year. ”

Fitbit os 4.1

The newly updated OS 4.1 brings features announced with Versa 2 ™ onto the Fitbit Ionic ™ as expected. And also all Fitbit Versa ™ smart watches . Among all the latest sleep-related innovations at Fitbit, OS 4.1 has an intelligent alarm system, a built-in non-voice alarm system that lets you choose to vibrate when waking when you sleep. Sleeping [5] makes you start your day more bright. There is also a scoring device that you sleep each night to give you a brief overview of your sleep quality [6], along with your statistics and other sleep data.

Fitbit os 4.1

OS 4.1 gets even better by helping you get more out of your day by adding more innovations. That adds both functionality and usability more efficiently Our new app will help you get the best out of your day and can help you schedule on the go. One of the most demanding makeovers is changing the watch face, allowing you to store up to five images of your favorite watch face on the device, from available on the Fitbit. The app has a collection of almost 4,000 images. [7] From now on, you can quickly and easily change your face to suit your outfit. In addition, the company has improved the rating system in Fitbit. Gallery app for users to rate, recommend Apps and watch faces you like with Fitbit users

Fitbit os 4.1

Exclusively for Versa 2 users, Fitbit has added a budget to the display mode on the newly launched watch face by adding up to five new image options on the watch face. With current color images, these faces display health and wellness statistics that can be adjusted from the display at all times and work quickly when browsing. All of this works with the device’s AMOLED display. Superior with a battery that lasts for more than 2 days. In fact, the battery is very powerful when used with Versa 2 until it can be used up to twice as long even when in display mode all the time. Time compared to other smart watches Lets you measure and charge [8] at the same time.

In addition, the Alexa function has been expanded. Amazon’s built-in for Versa 2 users lets you use voice commands to get started with up to 20 administrative positions [9] on your wrist. [10] For example, you can order Alexa starts running with Fitbit [11] and starts automatically measuring your health goals and everyday activities at the same time. [12]

It is known that the battery lasts for all devices, so we have a new feature to alert you when the battery starts to weaken [13] and automatically disable some features for the watch. The genius can continue to be used on your wrist instead of having to put on a charging dock. That means you can use it more 24 hours a day. Even when you sleep, the health function will still work hard to keep statistics for you to have useful health and wellness information. These new enhancements, including the complete set of Versa 2 features such as 24/7 PurePulse® heart rate monitoring, connect to GPS, waterproof design, Spotify and FitbitPay, are available on All Fitbit smartwatch [14]

State-of-the-art heart rate algorithm uses the best detection technology available at the moment.

Fitbit’s 24/7 PurePulse® heart rate monitoring system keeps users alert and informed with easy heart rate monitoring throughout the day. This technology also enhances Fitbit’s other important features, such as sleep levels and heart health scores, giving you deeper insights into your health and well being.

Fitbit today announced that it has worked with state-of-the-art algorithms that will deliver the best heart rate monitoring experience on Fitbit devices to Versa 2, part of the software. OS 4.1 Revamped. The new PurePulse® algorithm is designed by the Fitbit research and development experts themselves. The system uses mechanical learning to capture specific signals of the heart rate within the sensor system visually, resulting in a more accurate overall data.

More information, support and motivation with Fitbit Premium.

Fitbit is still expanding. Premium service for paid members [15] and continuously Which is currently available to millions of users in 17 markets around the world. With a new wellness report, a larger library that incorporates exercise from third parties, as well as many stimulating tools, such as guided programs. new And various challenging activities For the next few months to support and guide you to achieve your health goals.

From this report of your personal well-being You can browse in-depth analysis of Fitbit activity, sleep, heart rate and data showing your body weight trends over the past 30 days or over the past year for long-term users. then [16] you can share this information with your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer to monitor your health trends during the period. Which helps to identify potential health problems or better manage existing conditions These reports are produced in consultation with doctors, together with comments from medical experts from UCLA and UFC SF This is to ensure that this report is truly beneficial to medical professionals, as well as providing holistic health and wellness information for a person who is not from the doctor’s office. For this reason, you can control your health and have an informative conversation with your health team. Can study the health reporthere

The library of premium services, collecting thousands of workouts, has been extended by presenting new interesting items. From various popular brands Including various types of exercise from energetic and well-motivated trainers from Dailyburn and Pop Sugar, yoga classes from Dog Dock and Yoga Studio by Ga Am at Focus on strength, flexibility, balance and regeneration. In addition, premium members get access to our new “mental training” section of the Discover tab in the Fitbit app. You will find a range of mental and meditation training classes, including a Will and Sound class, breathing and calming training classes designed to help you relax and prepare to go to bed.

Premium services are constantly being offered by new programs, such as the program to get rid of bad habits and practice sleep habits, designed to help and encourage throughout the journey for your health and wellness. A few months from now, the premium service will bring challenges and games. That can be customized, integrated, and designed as needed. For example, All for One challenges you to work with family members and friends With a common goal As for the customer challenge, it is a program that allows you to choose one of the activities and determine the amount of time that must be accomplished, as well as the Get Fit Bingo-responsive game in which those who complete the specified activities in the list or pattern. Before becoming the winner

Fitbit OS 4.1 will be released for smart watch users to use during the first week of December. Which is in time for the holiday season to help you stay on track. And for you to look ahead and set a goal for 2020, Fitbit Premium members can access and enjoy the new update today. With the rest being gradually released in the following months