Firefox vulnerabilities are already under attack

The Firefox browser update addresses two important security holes.
Mozilla has released a security update to the Firefox browser. According to security recommendations, this gap is already being actively exploited in targeted attacks.

These are 2 free-use bugs with CVE-2020-6819 and CVE-2020-6820 identifiers. The details are not yet known, and independent IT security expert Francisco Alonso and Javier Marcos of JMP Security found the difference.

Explorers praise Mozilla’s reaction
Francisco Alonso suggested to Twitter that details of the incident will be announced soon and other browsers will be affected as well. Alonso also praised the quick response from the Mozilla security team.
Firefox users should update to version 74.0.1, which fixes the error as soon as possible. In the long-term version ESR, it was fixed in version 68.6.1.