Firefox 75 available: the only browser with new features

Firefox 75 available: the only browser with new features
2020 was a Firefox year, but Corona came out. Because of the plague, Google has already tweaked the Chrome release plans and postponed new product launches, while other browsers are only getting security updates for the time being. Firefox is still on schedule. That’s why you can now download Firefox 75 on schedule. However, novelty is limited.

Mozilla is using Firefox 75 for the first time and you can download new browser versions for Windows, Linux and macOS for free as planned. With this, Mozilla also provides a security patch with Firefox 74.0.1 added to the latest version 74. It is worth mentioning that other providers like Google slow down the release cycle and omit the full version due to the corona epidemic. When Chrome is braked, all other browsers using the Chromium base are also braked.
However, Mozilla carefully suggested that Corona could also affect Firefox development. I try to keep a new version every 4 weeks, but there may be less innovation It doesn’t really work in Firefox 75, but the feature list is shorter than the previous version. Nevertheless, Firefox users should install the update early. Firefox 75 brings this innovation.
Address bar modified in Firefox
So far, the person who clicked on the address bar in Firefox has not executed anything. This has changed in Firefox 75 because it enriches and clarifies URL lines with new features. Clicking now opens a search box with the most visited websites as a suggestion. Not only should it look good, but it should also be easy to use on small screens. Practical: For example, the box stays open initially when you move or resize the window.
Certificate in Firefox cache
Firefox 75 improves HTTPS compatibility with misconfigured web servers with a little trick. To do this, Firefox caches certificates from trusted PKI locations locally in the background. Mozilla trusts these certificates and keeps them locally without calling them every time. If the website is configured incorrectly, the security certificate will still prevent access from failing.
Lazy loading of photos and iframes
Like Chrome, Firefox now gets 75 lazy loading for photos and iframes. The point is that the element is only loaded when the user can see it. This saves resources and makes no difference to the user when viewing the website. Small but good savings trick.
XPI file extensions are still available
Firefox extensions are usually distributed through Mozilla’s online service. However, there are other options. So-called side loading provides XPI files that users can install manually in Firefox. For security reasons, Mozilla actually wanted to ban this on Firefox 74, but tests have shown that you can install XPI files manually with Firefox 75.