Final Fantasy tons come to Xbox Game Pass

Final Fantasy VII over XV (except for two MMOs) will be added to Game Pass in the coming months, Microsoft today announced at the latest episode of Inside Xbox at the XO19 fan event in London today.

The series includes nine games, many of which have been further enhanced by excellent new remasters like Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age. It also includes the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. The series still includes a great JRPGS despite its low overall score. XIII-2 and Lightning Returns are still completely worth it in my opinion.

Eurogamer also reported that Final Fantasy XIV will eventually make it to the Xbox One, according to the head of the Xbox, Phil Spencer, created during the pre-XO19 event. Spencer said, “The 14-year-old worked with Yoshida and [Director] to find a solution to bring the game to Xbox. Released on the PC in 2013 and the PS4 in 2014, the game has never been headed to Xbox One. Naoki Yoshida said in 2013 that Microsoft’s policy restricts games from sharing servers with players on other consoles. The situation is clearly different now.

In the meantime, the Final Fantasy series will not be added until next year, including a bunch of other great games coming before the end of the year, including Halo: Rich as part of the Master Chief Collection and the Witcher 3.

The following games are added to Game Pass today:

Remnant: From the Ashes (Xbox One)
Lego : Ninjago Movie Video Game (Xbox One)
Rage 2 (Xbox One, PC Later)
Age of Wonders: Planetfall (Xbox One, PC Later)
Talos Principles (Xbox One and PC)
Track : Train Set Games (Xbox One and PC)
Age of Empires II
: Final Edition (PC) Irons of Iron IV: Cadet Edition (PC)
Games added before the end of 2019 include:

Halo: Reach (Xbox One and PC)
More Witcher 3 (Xbox One)
My Friends Pedro (Xbox One and PC) Escaper
2 (Xbox One)
Life is Over 2 (Xbox One)
Dark Sider 3 (Xbox One) in
2020 Other games to be released include the Xbox Game Studios games, such as Yakuzaki and Mi 1 and 2, Yakuza Zero, as well as Badlands 3 and Duck and Wise of the Whisper. In addition, Microsoft is currently offering EA access for a month to those who have signed up for Game Pass. As new games emerge, the old games are still unfortunately leaving and this month, with the below content of Capybara Games, a delightful action adventure inspired by Zelda will disappear after November 30th.