Facebook Facebook application stops working from February 10 on Windows 10.
A new blow for Microsoft’s application store. The most popular social network has announced that it will soon withdraw its Facebook desktop application.
According to MSPowerUser, a message is displayed to network members who connect from a desktop app. “Since I was using the Facebook desktop application for Windows, I wanted to know that this application will stop working on Friday, February 28, 2020. You can still access all your friends and favorite Facebook features. Browser via Facebook Connect to www.facebook.com via.

In fact, users of the application should visit the social network’s website and continue to take advantage of the news of their contacts and friends. The Facebook desktop application will be removed from the Microsoft Store on February 28 and stop working on the installed computer.
Facebook said in its messages that users can continue to communicate with personal messages in the new messenger desktop application. After February 28, it will still be available on the Microsoft Store. Some changes should be made after the Facebook office app is gone.
This announcement is only available to a small number of Facebook users. In fact, few people are connected via social network desktop applications. Web version and mobile application are preferred.
Did Microsoft Store end soon?
Microsoft Store, the main gateway for downloading applications and software, seems to no longer dream. If it gained popularity thanks to Windows Phone, the latter shutdown caused the Microsoft Application Store to crash.
The company seems to be gradually getting used to the idea. On June 30, we announced that we would close a particular version of the Microsoft Store, targeted at businesses and educational institutions.
Withdrawals from big names like Facebook should accelerate the decline.