The app’s AR technology is now on Facebook and Instagram.

A selfie app like Snapchat acquired in 2016, MSQRD will no longer exist. The social network plans to close the augmented reality app on April 13, but its technology will continue on other Facebook-owned services.
“MSQRD was essential to building AR’s initial momentum and providing insights to build the platform that Facebook currently has,” wrote an update to the Facebook page. “We are now focused on providing the best AR experience through Spark AR, a platform that anyone can create their own AR effects and share with the Facebook family.”
Facebook has started integrating MSQRD’s face-swapping technology and other filters into its products, as Facebook Live has since acquired the app in 2016 since the MSQRD team has focused on building on Facebook’s AR platform Soon after, Spark AR may create an effect for Instagram.
However, MSQRD, which hasn’t been updated since 2016, has a more novelty than ever, with Facebook’s most popular AR effect applied to Instagram and other camera-centric apps. Strategically, it is much more reasonable for companies to place resources on Spark AR across the platform than standalone services that are steadily falling in popularity.