Facebook has released the Dark mode feature on the webpage.

Within a few days after Facebook announced it will provide a new website experience for users on March 19, the company has launched Dark mode that can be enabled in the browser as That’s ok

Previously, the Facebook app on mobile phones enabled Dark mode in April. And in May 2019 on iOS. After that, in January 2020, Facebook mentioned this change for use on a web browser and pledged that all users would experience Dark mode on their computers before the spring. Spring and finally we can enable

If anyone wants to try using Dark mode through the browser, there are simple ways as follows.

  • Look for the small arrow in the upper right corner. After that, go to the option “Switch to New Facebook.” But if this option is not there, go on the option. May have to wait a while After that, come to try again.

How to enable dark mode for use on the web

  • After adjusting to a new Facebook style Click the arrow in the upper right corner and select “Dark Mode”.