On Sunday, March 22, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he donated 720,000 medical masks that were reserved for emergencies to give public health officials with additional infection prevention equipment.

Zuckerberg said Facebook donated 720,000 emergency masks reserved for emergency use, which the company bought for continued fires. And added that the company is trying to procure a lot of donation masks

The United States has seen the demand for respirator masks (to filter small particles in the air, especially viruses) caused by the coronary epidemic in the United States. Therefore, the US Department of Health and Human Services The goal is to buy 500 million pieces of mask in the next 18 months in the Strategic National Stockpile, an antibiotic storehouse. Vaccines and medical supplies For emergency use

Saturday, March 21, earlier this year, Amazon revealed that it will donate 2 million industrial masks for health workers in heavily affected areas of the new coronary virus, and Tesla and SpaceX’s Elon Musk also donated PPE masks, coats and Other products to the University of California Medical Center Los Angeles too

When there is a crisis in the nation, what we see is that nobody blames anyone. Many companies united as one. Donate a mask and propose a website to provide information Including the manufacture of respirators (If not told, then must forgive). In our home there are many companies or individuals who help the country in times of crisis as well. And as a public, I would like to send encouragement to all officials to successfully deal with COVID-19 and ready to cooperate to take care of themselves, not increasing the number of people infected or transmitted the disease