Facebook can finally remove the tabs and red notification dots from the top navigation bar

Inspired by last year’s hint, Facebook finally gives users the option to hide certain tabs from the top navigation bar and turn off notification dots. A new feature called Shortcut Bar Settings will be rolling out to Android users over the next few weeks.

Sounds useful when Facebook announced last year’s personalized benefits of the navigation bar. Theoretically, the app was supposed to analyze behavior and show only relevant and useful tabs (at least 4 in news, notifications, menus, views). In fact, this bar was often used as a placeholder for Facebook to promote its own features like Facebook.

To make matters worse, if the red dot still existed, it was often the case that people’s attention turned away from personal notifications and turned to time-consuming group feeds and event wall posts.

The new Shortcut Bar Settings option allows you to remove most tabs such as news, today, events, groups, profiles, friend requests, games, dates, clocks and marketplaces. Alternatively, you can silently select only the notification points while keeping the tab.

It’s easy to remove tabs from the shortcut bar or just turn off notification points. Press and hold the shortcut item, then select it when the menu appears as in the screenshot above. Or tap the Add 3 lines icon, Settings and Privacy> Settings> Shortcuts menu and turn off the tab.

Following TechCrunch’s inquiry, Facebook said this feature will be available to all Android users over the next few weeks.