According to Reuters, Facebook announced today that it will no longer allow Microsoft and Sony to access data from its users.This is also the first step in improving Facebook after the $5 billion settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Last December, the New York Times published an article saying that over the years, Facebook has provided its users with personal data to more than 150 large enterprises around the world, including Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify.

According to the report, Facebook allows Microsoft’s Bing search engine to view the names of almost all Facebook users’ friends without consent, and allows Netflix and Spotify to read Facebook users’ private messages and also allows Amazon to obtain users’ friends through their friends. Name and contact information.Subsequently, Facebook also confirmed.

Facebook said today that the data is related to using a social media site on a previous generation PlayStation game console or synchronizing a friend’s contact information with another service.

Facebook also said: “This is our mistake and is currently being corrected.” Earlier this evening, Facebook agreed to pay a record $5 billion in fines to address FTC’s investigation into its 87 million user information disclosure incident.

Facebook said: “The settlement agreement will require us to make fundamental changes in the way we work.”