Advertisement This one is OK! This is not the case, but this is a good PC.

I have borrowed a notebook PC ” Surface Book 3 ” from Microsoft ,so I will deliver a review that I used it carefully for 2 weeks.

Speaking of the Surface Book series, the unique mechanism that the display is separated with one button to become a tablet PC is a feature.

At first I was excited, ” Is it possible to play the role of both a high-end tablet like an iPad Pro and a high-power notebook PC like a MacBook Pro with this one? ” There was not (more on this later) .

However, the degree of perfection as a product is unquestionably high.If you are doing telework at home, then this is one that I highly recommend.

What is this? :
Price of a notebook PC that becomes a tablet PC when the display is removed (tax included) : 2014 USD (Core i5/8GB/256GB) to 3280 USD (Core i7/32GB/1TB) I
like : Removable display, body texture , Keyboard
I was worried about : There is no port on the display side, stamina in tablet mode, is it possible to completely exhaust CPU heat by air cooling?

Review machine specifications : CPU Core i7/RAM 32GB/Storage 512GB/GPU GeForfe GTX 1650

I was wondering what I was thinking … but the tablet separation function is very comfortable

Leave the keyboard at home and bring it to the coworking space with the display + mobile keyboard. Very light.

The first thing I did with my Surface Book 3 was to isolate the display and spend it on a tablet.

The 13.5-inch display is spacious and easy to handle both vertically and horizontally in a 3:2 ratio. What’s more, it’s a full-featured Windows machine with an Intel Core i chip, including Photoshop and browsers. In addition, it weighs only 718 grams (measured value), and if you combine it with a wireless keyboard, you can use it like Surface Pro!

While I was willing to start working , the battery ran out in about an hour.

Charge and connect external devices only via the Surface Connect port. It was helpful to have a cable…

Of course, of course, the lighter body means less battery capacity , so running a powerful Core i chip will reduce the battery. After that, I tried various things, but with the Core i7 model, it seems that the activity limit is about 90 minutes even if power is exchanged . If you have a Core i5 model, you might have a little more.

Also, in the tablet state, the connector has only the Surface Connect port, and the expandability is almost zero . I think it would be quite different if there was even one USB-C… Anyway, I gave up that kind of operation with the keyboard part completely separated.

However, I realized that there are many scenes that can be used unexpectedly, even on tablets that can only be used for a short time.

Currently, I’m almost at home working in a telework environment, but when I go to the kitchen for lunch, take a short break, or leave the PC for a while, I use this tablet form. It’s very convenient .

Again, there’s no doubt that the Surface Book 3 in tablet form is a big screen, lightweight, and powerful tablet. So it’s very comfortable to look for/view lunch recipes, read e-books, or read Netfuri. At the same time, the reaction of the work can be quickly returned on the spot.

Up until now, my buddies were often smartphones during breaks, but while I was using Surface Book 3, I relied on tablet status. If you think of it as a tablet to use at home rather than mobile , the Surface Book 3 tablet was quite comfortable .

If you flip the keyboard to the tablet and dock it in “studio mode”, the battery problem as a tablet will be solved. However, since the weight exceeds 1.5 kg, it will be a pattern to use as a stationary tablet.