In a crisis situation, people in China probably go to hoard rice, salt, banlangen, etc. People in Europe and the United States are completely different. One thing that has puzzled people recently is why they like to hoard toilet paper?

This problem has appeared in almost all western countries, from the United States to Europe to Australia, probably only the countries in East Asia are different, and no authoritative explanation can be found at present.

Due to the looting of toilet paper and the shortage of various types of toilet paper in supermarkets, European and American people also used toilet paper to make some spoof videos, and toilet paper even became a hard currency .

But let ’s not explain anything. One of the headaches for many people in Europe and America is how much toilet paper should be used. Now, British programmer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris have developed a “toilet paper calculator” that can calculate how much time a user’s current toilet paper can use.

As shown above, the default interface is very simple. There are two options: the number of toilet papers and the number of toilet visits per day. Based on three toilets a day and 10 rolls of toilet paper, this can last for 53 days, which is equivalent to 3.8 times the 14-day isolator .

Of course, if you want to calculate more complicated situations, there are more detailed classifications in Advanced Options, which can calculate parameters such as wet paper towels, custom household size, and roll paper.