Ebola treatment medicine ‘Remedyvir’ is the best Corona 19 treatment

 Among the new coronavirus infectious disease (corona19) drugs, a study showed that Ebola treatment ‘Remedyvir’ has excellent efficacy.

On the 26th, the Korea Research Institute of Chemicals made this statement during a mid-term reinvention of Corona 19 drug re-presentation attended by Minister of Science, ICT and Communication at the headquarters in the Daedeok R & D Zone.

Cheongyeon Yeon shared the results of research on 8 drugs including remedyvir, chloroquine, and caletra, which are being clinically studied at home and abroad, and announced that remedyvir has the highest efficacy, and chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are also effective.

Remedyvir is a drug developed by Gilead Sciences, a pharmaceutical company that developed the flu drug Tamiflu, as an Ebola treatment. However, Cheonyeon Yeon explained that, until now, drug re-creation studies require additional verification and clinical trials. Drug re-creation is a research method in which new drugs are discovered in existing drugs to speed up the development of therapeutic agents.

On the other hand, the results of Phase III clinical trials in Lembisivir, which are ongoing in China, will be announced as early as April.

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