DxOMark’s official has just confirmed that it will release new iPhone reviews this week , so stay tuned.

The picture seems to be the iPhone 12 Pro, but it seems that there should be more than one tested.

Speaking of iPhone 12, DxO also triggered Fei Yi before. Before I got the evaluation machine, I stated that “The telephoto lens of this device has been upgraded from the equivalent 52mm of the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the equivalent 65mm. It supports 5x optical zoom. Although it has been upgraded, it is still not as good as some friends. 100+mm lens.”

The conclusion of “not as good as a friend” immediately caused a drool. The official later clarified that this was a translation error. What I wanted to express is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max can achieve 5x zoom, while some Asian brands can achieve 10x zoom.

It is worth mentioning that DxOMark recently updated its image test benchmarks and upgraded to v4 standard. Because of the addition of zoom inspection and preview inspection, the results of many mobile phones have changed. At the time of writing, Huawei Mate 40 ranked first. Pro’s 136 points, Apple’s current highest is the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 124 points.