Doom, Doom 2, Official Update for Decades, QuickSave, 60 Frames Support, UI Improvements

Doom, the FPS game from id Software, released in 1993, received official updates.

After decades of official updates, Bethesda briefly disclosed the additions to Doom 1 and 2 in its own news.

First of all, this update will allow Doom 1 and 2 to officially apply the content of other users, so that more various contents can be downloaded and played in the game.

It also raises the game’s own 35-frame game to 60 frames for smoother, smoother gameplay.

In addition, the QuickSave feature has been added to help you save anywhere, anytime, and easily run SpeedRun exercises or gameplay at peak difficulty.

Fast weapon selection, improved level selection, added aspect ratio and brightness options, and HUDs all give you a reason to enjoy the classic Doom series for a long time.

This update will be officially updated on all Bethesda distribution platforms.

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