Does Apple ‘iPhone 12’ support recording during calls? iOS14 captures the situation

Rumors are circulating that Apple will have a recording function on the phone in iOS14, which will be installed in the next iPhone 12 series.

According to foreign sources such as Apple Insider on the 25th, the details and functions of the leaked iOS14 were discovered through Apple’s supply chain in China.

According to a screenshot released by Twitter user ‘Apple Internal Store’, the ‘Phone and Face Time Recording’ menu has been added to the iOS14 settings menu. This function is understood as a recording function during a call.

Activating the feature alerts the person on the call that you are recording, and warns you that you agree to abide by all laws in your jurisdiction. However, it is not yet clear whether the call recording function will actually be provided in iOS14.

“Features Apple is developing may be delayed or deprecated at any time,” said Apple Insider. Meanwhile, iOS14 will be unveiled at ‘WWDC 2020’, an annual developer conference held online on the 22nd of next month.